Music Style and Music Fashion

There are many different nuances to the music we love. From the tempo and beat to the mood and style, there are many differences out there to choose from. Just like there are unlimited types of clothes to wear, you will find that music style and the fashion that surrounds it is quite unique. We all love to see what certain celebrities will be wearing next, but for many musicians this is not really a “show” this is simply them expressing themselves in a different way. This makes much more sense that wearing the newest outfit from a designer, after all these are artists we are talking about.

Just look at Janis Joplin in the picture above, she has no care in the world about what any other person on the face of the earth thinks about her attire. Yet, it is very expressive, expressive of freedom and lack of confinement to rules. These statements can be made using a variety of accessories, but many times it takes us seeing somebody else wear the right thing, before it clicks to us. Finding your own style is important, but nobody says you can’t barrow a little bit of it from your own musical influences. Many times clothing certain singers or songwriters may wear connect to us a unique level. This may be influenced by the music that we already connect with, but this can be a good place to start if you are not necessarily up on fashion in the first place.

Clothing and music have been connected for some time, musical style and music fashion really do run hand in hand. Just look at the cover of rolling stone magazine and you will be sure to agree. The times they are a changin, Bob Dylan himself has a stark, simple style that is still noticeable to the day even though he is getting up their in the years. Find your own style and have a blast doing it. Shirts, pants, jewelry and accessories are all there to help, you just have to go out there and look!